• Engels recht advocaat, Nederlands solicitor, Joost Maassen
    Advocaat Nederlands recht en
    Solicitor of England and Wales

Dual qualified Dutch advocaat & solicitor of England and Wales

My field of operation: cross border issues involving Dutch and English Law (corporate, commercial, contractual and M&A). I review legal matters from a Dutch and English perspective and therefore work in a time and cost efficient manner reducing involvement of multiple lawyers from different jurisdictions.  This may be useful when:

  • negotiating, implementing or interpreting contracts and other legal documentation under Dutch or English law;
  • needing legal advice or representation in Dutch or English contractual, corporate or commercial issues; or
  • drafting and reviewing legal documentation under Dutch law in the English language (avoiding pitfalls when introducing English legal terms and methods into Dutch contracts).

My global network (Europe and Southeast Asia) enables me to find capable and trusted professionals to work with. This can be particularly helpful when you need specific expertise abroad.

Please contact me, if you have any questions or want to set up a meeting.

Joost Maassen

Do not put your faith in “Good Faith”

Good faith – codified under Dutch law as “reasonableness and fairness” (redelijkheid en billijkheid) – has become an integral part of Dutch commercial transactions and agreements. It applies as a general overriding principle to all types of legal relationships. Consequently, under Dutch law good faith governs how a contract is formed (negotiations), interpreted and performed. The principle is based on an obligation to act reasonably towards the other party to the transaction. As the parties must act in good faith … Read More